Sheila Mitra-Sarkar is a Research Fellow, Institute of Public Urban Affair, San Diego State University.  She looks closely at the physical environment to interpret the social and cultural contexts. Her work emphasizes the importance of integrating sociological, physical, psychological and cultural issues in placemaking..

Dr. Mitra-Sarkar is also a renowned expert in traffic safety using traffic calming. Through her work in traffic calming she has developed a novel way of creating public places. She strongly believes that reclaiming streets as public spaces fosters creative placemaking.

 She seeks to analyze and understand the built environment from the perspective of newcomers to a country. Dr. Mitra-Sarkar’s research includes documentation and analysis of the positive physical and social impacts of newcomers in the public realm; the importance of reflecting cultural values in the design and planning of places; mainstreaming gender issues in urban design and transportation policies.

Bike Summit,

San Diego, 2018

Inclusive Cities Workshop, Delhi, 2016

Working with the homeless after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, 2009

Press Conference 2017, San Diego, CA