Fulbright specialists can play a very important role in bridging cultural divides. The Specialists spend time in the host institution teaching, learning new customs, sharing traditions and in the process, they demystify Hollywood interpretations of American people and their lifestyles.

Drawing on my personal experience, I can firmly say that the impact that I had has been truly long-term, permanent, and measurable. When I first taught at JMI, I had a direct impact on 70 students. Presently, 300 students from JMI have connected with me and have invited me to be part of every professional page and group that they host. They feel comfortable asking for technical help from me even though I was not their Fulbright instructor. I am proud to share that I made an impact through my Fulbright stay and currently, many students and faculty at JMI are aware of the benefits of inviting a Fulbright Specialist. 

My Fulbright visit was not only a life-changing experience but also gave me a sense of satisfaction to watch my former students become wonderful professionals. And, when I read the testimonials written by my former students, I realize how important it is to for me to start a new term as a Fulbright Specialist.


Project Based Learning. Group project presentations on the final day.


The students were asked to evaluate the workshop in September 2011 after the workshop was over. Student Evaluations


Fulbright Field Trips, Delhi, India

The students surprised me by having a farewell party.