Multi-Faceted Urbanism

Multi-Faceted approach to urbanism is critical for placemaking. In built-up places with few open spaces, planners and transportation engineers modify streets as public places. The process requires active participation of traffic engineers, planners, business owners and community stakeholders. 

Turning Radii and Public Space

The turning radius: a seemingly obscure street design detail that governs a lot in our cities. Basically, the turning radius measures the angle of the curve at a street corner. Turning radii is invisible to 99 percent of people using the street. However, radii are critical for city engineers because these subtle specifications have a tremendous control over vehicle speeds and pedestrian safety. Some recent changes in many US cities point to the unsettled debate over turning radii, and how to make streets safer in a world of distracted drivers.

The art of convincing city engineers to reduce the turning radii at street corners to create bulbouts needs to be skilfull and tactical.

After numerous meetings with the community, businessowners, city engineers, and approval from Traffic Commission. A street corner can be modified to create bulbouts.

Examples of  Urbanism

Corner Bulbouts

Street Vacation

ArtWalk, Little Italy San Diego

Streets into Plazas

Piazza della Famiglia, Little Italy, San Diego

The Piazza della Famiglia opened in March of 2018. Visitors and residents can stroll through the 10,000-square-foot European-style piazza on W. Date Street, connecting India and Columbia Streets.

 The project is a mix of public, residential, retail and restaurant space, including 125 apartment homes over 16,000 square feet of retail and restaurants on the ground levels surrounding the Piazza. 

It has become a central community gathering place to host farmers’ markets, concerts, cultural events, and more.

A corner bulbout can be an excellent public place with street musicians.

ArtWalk in Little Italy spans 16 blocks and the streets are closed for vehicular traffic for two days.