We try unique and innovative ways to engage the public in the planning process . We often employ multiple approaches to solicit input from a diversity of stakeholders.


Advocacy Planning

The voices and priorities of stakeholders especially those of vulnerable populations, are often left out of public debates and policy decisions. Advocacy planning ensure that public opinion and include these voices. It is critical to consider advocacy strategies for more efficient use of resources, eliminate disparities, tackle rising homelessness, and take on other tough urban problems.

 Gender Lens in Transportation

There is a growing awareness that gender-sensitive transportation data collection although challenging, cannot be ignored by urban mobility policy makers and planners. A review of the literature continues to confirm that socio-demographics which is a critical determinant of travel behavior by gender has been inadequately studied. 2016 Workshop

Crime-Prevention Through Designs

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, or CPTED is the reduction of opportunities for crime to occur. This reduction is achieved by employing physical design features that discourage crime, while at the same time encouraging positive use of the environment.

Gender Equality



Inclusive Cities Workshop December 2016

Crime Prevention Through Design

Collaborative Learning with Karen Refugees,with Karen Refugees, San Diego, CA The Karen have been persecuted. They received no formal education when they lived in the refugee camps.

Examples of Multiple Approaches

Innovative and Interactive Approach to Learning Photos from a workshop