Encourage Dialogue

Our workshops encourages conversation and allows for opening up the floor for discussion pertaining to urban planning and transportation issues .


Gain Perspective

There are lots of different topics of professional and academic significance.  Our workshops address common problems or issues that professionals may face on a regular basis. Participants   share their insights and thoughts on how to resolve the problem, which can offer a different perspective when dealing with the problem.


Develop New Ideas

As you listen to other people’s ideas, you may find inspiration that can help you in your academic or professional pursuits.    You could end up coming away with your next big idea that can make a difference.

Improve Your Skills

You can find   workshops to help you develop new skills that can help you get ahead. For example, in our international workshops, attendees  learn about best practices in creating inclusive cities.


Network for Your Career

Getting a job often depends on getting to meet professionals. That’s why you should take the opportunity to network whenever you can. You’ll find that these workshops are important and can make a positive impact on your career.  


Our workshops offer opportunities for students and professionals to improve their skills and knowledge on latest topics.


Co-Chair, Where do we go from here?  Expanding Research in Women’s Issues in Transportation, Washington D.C.. January 10, 2016.

Co-Chair, Inclusive Cities, December 19-20, 2016, Delhi,

Co-Chair, We can get there: Creating Inclusive Cities Around the World with Improved Accessibility, January 7, 2018, Washington DC.

Co-Chair, Can Inclusive Cities bridge the Social Equity Disparities? January 7, 2018, Washington D.C.

Co-Chair, Bridge the Gap: Eliminating Gender Bias in Transportation Research, January 13, 2019, Washington D.C.